Social Uprising in the US: An Activist Reports (Zoom-Meeting in English Language)

The murder of George Floyd by a white-supremacist police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparked anti-racist mass protest all over the United States. We are now witnessing nationwide protests calling for justice and an end to institutional racism, that have received solidarity from all around the world.

The cold murder of an unarmed, innocent black man once again showed that the American police is deeply rooted in racism. This is not just a “system error” - the police is an institution of the capitalist state, which benefits from ideologies that divide the working class. We are happy to announce this zoom meeting featuring a comrade from the 'Independent Socialist Group' which stands in political solidarity with the 'Committee for a workers international (CWI)’. In this meeting we will hear about the current situation in the US and discuss strategy and a socialist perspective for the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Join our zoom meeting: Wednesday, June 3th, 5pm (CEST / UTC+2).

Both the speaker's input and the following discussion will be in English.

Phone from Germany: +49 30 5679 5800
Phone from US: +1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 864 6114 3681